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SENSER @ The Dome  
Stingin' Nettles @ P.Lunches  
Some DIY @ T. Chances  
Tinderdust @ P.Lunches  
Dressmaker @ Buffalo bar  
Dressmaker @ the Windmill  
Gift mentality  
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Quality living
So many people around me including myself end up simply surviving each day only to look forward to dealing with the next. We choose to go occasionally out for drinks or catch a football match just because that's the easiest way to fit in with any bunch at any place at any time. Loneliness is scary and burying our head in the sand this way seems to be the simplest way to go; and when you are dead tired after work it may be the only way to go...
Political correctness in everything ensures we are all compatible..
Sex, mortgages, children, football, getting drunk, earning more, having the same taste in the arts (the cheesiest the better) ensure everything stays 'Business as usual'...
Following (I hope) are some alternatives to the mainstream approach of spending /wasting your free time.

SENSER @ The Dome 26.06.15

Stingin' Nettles @ Power Lunches - November 22nd 2014

Some decent DIY work in Northern London @ T. Chances

A venue worth noting down in Hackney (live ESBEN & THE WITCH)

Tinderdust @ Power Lunches August 1st, 2014

Dressmaker @ Buffalo bar in Islington July 25, 2014

Dressmaker @ the Windmill in Clapham Common September 12, 2014

The gift mentality & gatherings with real friends

Exploding cinema


    Building Environmental Performance