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Cinema, an alternative approach

The EXPLODING CINEMA has been a coalition of film & video makers focused on developing alternative models of exhibition for underground media; their approach includes DIY screenings in all sorts of venues as well as low or no budget film tours, cable T.V. and the web.

The whole idea revolves around audiences to come along, enjoy a drink, watch any of the movies grasp their attention, enjoy the atmosphere and have the opportunity to discuss further the content and quality of the team's choices occasionally in the presence of the film directors. Short intermissions between the films offer the option for some live shows including video projectors in the background which ensure a unique experience especially for students of the fine arts.

The team has no preference as to the kind of work ...drama, experimental, documentary, splatter, animation, true confessions, protest, pop promos, home videos, found they're always looking for performance work and musicians. Facilities are available for DVD, Blu-ray, Super 8, 16mm, Standard 8, VHS, tape/slide, and performance.

The team structure is based on volunteers and is totally democratic, anyone may contribute or join and support in various ways.

Exploding Cinema


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