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A venue worth noting down in Hackney

First night out in Oslo in one of my favourite locations around London to see ESBEN AND THE WITCH.

Hipsters everywhere, I suppose it's their era; punk hipsters, trendy hipsters, sophisticated hipsters, rockabilly hipsters, generally big oversensitive metrosexual dudes with too much shait on them and too many hours in stores and in front of the mirror (at least no glam rockers that night...). I am starting to develop homophovic complexes while facing these superposers you are now able to buy one get one free in any mall of your neighbourhood.
I had to actually listen to them play as well... fast, hard, something I suppose approaching that silly screamo, emo whatever crap which started some years back overpowered with zero creativity or soul.
Luckily ESBEN decided to come out eventually ending my misery... Very powerful vocals generally close to PJ Harvey though I'd rather compare them with Guano Apes or Senser including a lot of Tool in the background combined with an ambient feel and a bit of trumpet in the mix.
The audience like usual had fallen asleep apart from a Rammstein fan up in the front who was the only dude I could relate to...

ESBEN 1,    ESBEN 2,    ESBEN 3,    ESBEN 4,    ESBEN 5

All in all no medody really caught my ear but the whole show, the vibe the singer's passion as well as the guitar really made me feel at home..
Very much impressed.


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