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Dressmaker @ the Windmill in Clapham Common September 12, 2014

Dressmaker Round 2, this time at the Windmill in Clapham Common on the 12th Sep14.
Ready, action... some more footage with half descent company phone resulted in me running out of battery and having to survive London with no navigation on a push bike..
Anyhow venue was a nice little place with a fairly lively crowd. First group coming out I presume was the Ice Baths. Not bad at all with some pretty dark vocals and some nice tunes that left me with a good taste.

Ice Baths

Up second came Dressmaker, expectations raised sky high from the first time around and yes they did deliver (even with a cute little birthday girl replacing the maniac on the drums...;p). The light effects including that strobe they brought with them did put the crowd into gear and a very good vibe was maintained through out the gig.

Be my baby,   Glass 1,   Glass 2

Last but far from least appeared a bunch of psychedelic rockers called Phobophobes which managed to send the well warmed up crowd to the next dimension. A lot of dancing and positive energy coming out of this undefinable to me type of music which I enjoyed fully even if It generally is out of my range.

Photophobes @ Windmill 1
Photophobes @ Windmill 2


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