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Change is coming

SENSER @ The Dome 26.06.15
Rising from a backdrop of free festivals, squat parties, political upheaval and a desire to experiment with various musical genres ... lads take us back 20 years and then some....

They have remained stuck in our heads and hearts as one of the most unique & influential groups when it comes to mixing Electronica, Rap, Metal and Punk all in one.

SENSER has been considered an outcast by all genres back then and still is today.


The passion and style last Saturday at the Dome took us back a couple of decades and reminded us that some things are worth fighting for.

Passive resistance and peaceeeee ..... respect and love

those 'Charming Demons'...

"This is!", "This is!"

''Words, Words forming in my brain
I plead insanity but feel inanity
my wits permitting
I feel my weight of old reaction
thought caching, I play the game
around the flip floor, suction
check out, with me lick lips
spinning turn it on , flip my switch
sean is gonna sing from the beggining
words tend to distraction, this is your
madcap rapper this is my condition.

check, .... tied your hands behind your back.

Dreamer, Dreamer. Keep on dreaming

And the devil caught you at the game
these words keep sprawling in your brain

feel the connection to mother earth and
the father of the earth move wide isn't it
magnetism about follow the cord from the brain
to the toilet.

I see the sin of the plan of embellishing your body
be one with your senseless night writer.
when the little finger bright light linger,
commit me right away to tread another day
changing my path, top hat tipping as a laugh.
at tongue tripping, some slipping, some liquid
place, some dream place.

Take it another way
Take it another way.
its in my brain, (be my brain)...

Take it another way
Take it another way.
Words in my brain.

Dreamer, Dreamer. keep on dreaming.

Charming Demons, raging, charging.
Electricity another name for?
Which happens to be soliciting another thought
and another for the missiles undiscovered
specifications trip you got enhanced space to feed your potential.

pleasure (pleasure)

the words are written across my face

Take it another way
Take it another way. C'mon
its in my brain, (be my brain)

Take it another way
Take it another way. C'mon
Words in my brain.

Take it another way
Take it another way. C'mon
Words in my brain.

Take it another way
Take it another way. C'mon
Words in my brain."


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