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Large scale economic, social and environmental sustainable design
Target is the integration of sustainable design into the master planning process of large scale developments in our cities. The transparency and credibility of such processes can only be ensured through the effective collaboration of developers with local authority planners, politicians, communities and related statutory bodies.

Define sustainability:
It is the ability to meet the needs of today, without compromising the ability of future generations to provide for the needs of tomorrow, described as the equilibrium between environmental and financial considerations and the needs of the community. A sustainable development will achieve a balance between fitness-for-purpose, value-for-money and environmental impact together with the integration as part of a larger, sustainable community.

Sustainable cities
The three main dimensions of sustainability

Main aspects regarding design & development of sustainable cities:

  • housing provision
  • transport networks
  • community facilities
  • economic impact
  • Identify opportunity to create a sustainable community site wise by beginning with mandatory elements (i.e. community scale energy generation, transport and amenity requirements)
  • Determine site layout by namely specifying location of buildings and amenities in a functional manner
  • Look into design details regarding
     · landscaping
     · drainage solutions
     · transport facilities
     · building's further characteristics
  • Build a strategy based on current standardised methodologies & certification schemes in alignment with national planning policy frameworks
A defined set of criteria via a recognised strategy has a higher chance of being properly considered and the resulting sustainable design proposal realised.

In further detail the main outcomes of selecting such an approach would be the following:

  • Sustainable places consisting of:
     · Sustainable, safe and well integrated transport infrastructure
     · Enhancement of local economic activity
     · Sensibly integrated green & brown infrastructure and quality landscaping
     · Reduced energy & water consumption
     · Optimal provision of facilities, amenities and utilities
  • Time & financial gains
     · On time consideration of challenges & opportunities ensures most effective solutions
     · Site wide design ensures economies of scale i.e. drainage systems, choices in materials, energy generation technologies
     · Reduction of long term costs regarding security, flooding, transport, public health & fuel poverty
     · Smooth, cost effective and efficient planning process via engagement of stakeholders sooner in the process
     · Increase of value of the whole area (increase in rental and sale prices)
  • Improvement of planing process
     · All parties are equipped with a clear framework, prepared for what to expect and provided with measurable sustainable outcomes and success levels
     · Efficient design with minimum likelihood of reworking after bringing pre-application discussions to the forefront at the early stages of a project
     · Guarantee that a project is over and above local planning sustainability targets
  • Improvement of managing the project through
     · Identification of opportunity in full from any required studies undertaken for planning purposes i.e. environmental impact assessments.
     · Contribution in effectively managing and optimising the wide range of complex sustainability issues involved in delivering a project
     · Provision of guidance to architects, quantity surveyors, infrastructure professionals for thinking collaboratively ahead of the sustainability curve
  • Benefits of applying a recognised certification scheme
     · Provision of a reputable third party's reassurance that a project design is independent, credible and consistent meaning:
         - Stakeholders are provided with marketing activities and public relations
         - Sustainability benefits & achievements are communicated worldwide
         - Via a particular rating a project can be compared to others worldwide raising awareness and pressuring further design teams to pursue additional sustainability opportunities


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