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Stingin' Nettles @ Power Lunches November 22nd 2014
Back to this little very interesting DIY pub in Hackney always experimenting on new bands and music styles of all sorts. Power Lunches focuses occasionally on punk, garage, hardcore as well as darker and electro parts of the spectrum offering frequently live gigs in that little basement of theirs.

Deffo a descent place to grab a beer any time. Ventilation system down in the basement? What the fuck are you talking about, this is DIY punk at its best... (Do It the best you can by Yourself and focus on the art not the technicalities)

This time I got an invite from a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Spanish maniac drummer friend telling me I had to go check out his band. Place was packed with early thirties Spanish dudes of all sorts of punk backgrounds which made me feel right at home (ok I also have a soft spot for Mediterranean punker girls especially who have at least existed through the 80s..).

The atmosphere outside, inside and downstairs was great. The vibe of the bands playing and the crowd dancing into each other and as in the old days picking up whoever ended up on the floor made me nearly shed a tear...
Everybody was united and enjoyed themselves and this is a feeling I hadn't experienced in quite a while.

Awaiting eagerly your next gig Miguel...

Stingin' Nettles 2014 11 22 London @ Power Lunches

Bullet Proof Lovers 2014 11 22 London @ Power Lunches


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