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Introducing the gift mentality     

Gifts provide opportunity to express ourselves as individuals and at the same time consider the needs and wants of the party the gift is for.

In this particular gathering in Dec. 2013 the main idea was to exchange gifts randomly, raise awareness on alternative life styles and come closer to a mindset revolving around team work, skill sharing, recycling and selecting gifts created from within our local community and in a manner as environmentally conscious as possible.

The idea was, as the gifts were to be exchanged randomly, that at least they had to enclose something about the aesthetics, the past or the sense of humour of the gift bearer. Gifts were required to be of a minimal to no cost and ideally consist of personal belongings that someone was happy to let go of and be accompanied by a short story regardless of how stupid or valueless their content was.This way everybody had the opportunity to learn something about everybody else they might have known for the past 15 years or just had met. If gifts received were not to one's liking, further exchange was encouraged which led to a whole lot of fun and everybody having the opportunity to connect with everybody else.
In the same mind frame, the location of the gathering was at a flat offered by a friend, music was sourced and played by friends with relevant taste and expertise, cocktails were prepared by a very knowledgeable other friend, booze was brought by some of the rest of the crew and tiding up and cleaning was left to the last ones still standing...





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