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Some decent DIY work in Northern London @ T. Chances
First night out last Friday at Tottenham Chances. Wonderful experience accompanied by some softer and harder rock tunes along the night. Welcomed warmly by Penny and her husband, who explained further how they managed to get to own this place and succeed in keeping it going with the help of their son and the rest of their crew including local volunteers now dreaming of expanding it further. DIY full on mentality with cheap booze and lovely people of all ages. No cheap imitations, wannabes, hipsters, glam rockers or posers of any sort at least on that day, which suited me just fine.
As I further found out T Chances apart from identifying and supporting young talent offer a roof for various events and classes including photography, poetry and acting. I think I've found myself a home...

Regarding the three bands I heard last Friday:
A guy with an acoustic guitar came up first with a very positive approach. However guitar sounded bit too easy listening for my taste to begin with until the vocals came along...
Dude screaming his head off with some very good melodies and as passionate as it gets (I think his lady friend sitting next to me might have helped a bit ppp). Very much impressed by the way his voice never lost a note despite the fact he was basically shouting most of the time and sounded much more punk to me than a lot of pop punk bands out there especially nowadays (my views might be far from singer's intentions or opinion on this matter). Dude's name is Duncan Ewart.

Duncan Ewart

Asymmetry came up second with an impressive female drummer and some very good harder melancholic rock tunes. I couldn't help thinking of Fugazi a lot of the time especially when the guitar was dancing a long the base played by a super keen Iranian guy (Kaveh) I got to chat with a bit after the gig and agreed there are some metal influences in his playing. Vocals had a nice tone reminding me a lot of Perfect Circle though quality of sound was far from ideal and that's the only drawback to a really energetic performance with many very good melodies.


Show ended with Blue Carpet The Band who offered again a very positive more classic rocknroll approach. Very good and loud sound altogether and impressive show especially from the singer climbing on the speakers, coming out and spreading some love to the audience... ending up singing together with Asymmetry's Kaveh reminding us we live in the smart phone age.. (though I'd really like to get a hold of his recordings).

Blue Carpet the band

All in all a lovely night to remember and all my respect to Penny for managing to keep this place operating and looking this way reminding us of the punk days I was too young to have witnessed first hand.


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