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The HIVE Dalston pilot project – Sub groups, Roles & Responsibilities

A pilot project consulting the design of a methodology for the temporary re-use of vacant buildings as independent environmental & cultural social spaces



    Building Environmental Performance

A pilot project



Thoughts & Ideas

Possible outcome

Next actions

Create & expand the Team

Identification of potential roles and responsibilities of team members based on their available time and prior expertise.

Expand the team through Hive enthusiasts

Circulation to the Hive community of a table detailing our works, goals for the Hive's visitors and local community to identify how they can contribute by technical feedback, networking, man hours at the Hive

Get the main Hive members focus on expanding and realising the Hive's full potential and receiving support from the community with the detailed daily works

Don't forget pensioners have free time, are keen to contribute, have expertise on many fields, are respected by the community and probably require a direct approach via door knocking

Set achievable goals

Time frame & Action points

Who progresses what & when

Set deadlines where actions must be achieved or abandoned

Build upon what has been achieved at every stage

Decision making

On distinguished fields

Who decides what-when-why?

Decisions made currently from the directors after consulting with group coordinators.

Any member may raise issues /concerns, present ideas within the subgroup and if the group is in agreement the coordinator will raise group conclusion in the general meeting.

Decisions are made in a timely manner.

Groups to meet separately and group coordinators also act as group representatives in general meetings

Apply model

1. Evaluation of a building's potential including site visits
2. Apply & calibrate our structured approach

  • Prepare building model & hand book to respace buildings
  • How to Guide
  • Prepare further written info
  • Prepare a building user guide

Guidance documentation applicable to our next projects

Wish list

Updated lists of items the Hive is in need of

  • Freecycle is a source of a variety of items
  • There is a copy of the updated list on 1st Floor

Examples of things we need currently

  • Combination padlock
  • Large Stepladder
  • lots of 4x8 boards
  • paints
  • projectors
  • scaffold poles
  • scaffold connectors
  • LED lights

Join the Hive

Become a Hive member

  • Experience of a life time
  • Meet people of a very broad multicultural background
  • Learn how to build a kitchen /shower
  • Learn how to organise a show
  • Learn about Permaculture
  • Appreciate the importance of recycling & reusing
  • Learn how to work with children
  • Raise your awareness and then others'
  • Meet new artists
  • Learn how to prepare and facilitate for your own group meeting or exhibition or show
  • Experience the feeling of providing food for those out there struggling

  • Do you find any groups you would like to be involved with
  • Could you provide us with a weekly timetable with when you are usually available for voluntary work at the hive?
  • E-mail us you contact details and any further ideas

Groups, Roles & Responsibilities



Thoughts & Ideas

Possible outcome

Group members & next actions

Accounts & Core costs

1. Recruitment
2. Managing people
3. Administration
4. Administrating finances
5. Office costs
6. Publicity

1. Advertising
2. Paying someone to spend time managing paid workers and volunteers
3. Paying an accountant to book keep, prepare accounts for audit
4. IT, telephones, stationery, postage, photocopying, printing
5. Paying someone to coordinate publicity, update website, printing costs

  • Archiving receipts & Invoices
  • Keeping track of money out and in
  • Chasing payments
  • Managing bank account
  • Use the Hive Pound for payments

Coordinator: Gee

Members: Ned, Lisa, Spiro, Phoenix

Weekly meeting time & date?

Core resourcing

1. Donations from locals
2. Grant fundraising
3. Work in partnership
4. Income donating enterprise

1a) Monthly donations
1b) Donations for attending events
2a) Use a fundraiser
2b) Include core costs in project funding bids

  • 2a) Secure grants from trusts & foundations, local councils, lottery
    the landfill communities fund

Coordinator: Gee & Phoenix

Assistant: (Fleur), Spiro, Azja

Prepare basic blagging letter regarding respace - leaflet

Weekly meeting time & date?

Legal implications & relevant regulations

1. Acceptable noise levels
2. Health & Safety
3. Under aged groups
4. Admission fees
5. Volunteer/ Staffing regulations

  • Licensing hours prior to 11pm
  • Documenting relevant regulations
  • i.e. fire marshal training and accreditation
  • Prepare a volunteer's agreement document
  • Brian HCO - paperwork

Coordinator: Ned

Assistant: (Fleur), Spiro, Gee, Azja

Purchase of fire exit signs & fire extinguishers

Request Bill Wango (HNS officer) to prepare:

  • HNS checklist
  • Risk assessment form

Event managing

PR and admin for events

Coordinator: Ned

Assistant: Carlos, Helen

Members: Azja -bookings

Crew: Ned-light, Carlos, Lisa, Kali, Orion-sound & SIA security training, Gee-sound, Rasheed- SIA security training, Helen, Fleur-filming, Azja-décor, photography-flyer design, Ben-sign writing, Andrew Secret-musician, Rob musician-sound-recording-films

Google Calendar to be shared with all members

Bookings & running events

Weekly meeting time & date?

Technical for events

Sound & Screening setup & equipment including lighting

Responsible sound engineer required

Technical expertise and access to video & film screening and sound equipment

Coordinator: Ned

Members: Gee, Rob, Orion

Weekly meeting time & date?


1. Writing policies
2. Booking system, agreement on operation of building, role allocation
3. handling e-mails
4. Handling volunteering rota
5. Deliver meeting minutes, records
6. Maintenance of office, printer, PCs
7. Create the Hive Community pilot project handbook/manual
8. Update and develop project website with help from other networks

Coordinator: Lisa

Members: Ben, Peo, Spiro, Helen, Renata, Azja, Carlos

Weekly meeting time & date?


1. Newsletter
2. Video coverage & editing
3.Photos coverage & editing
4. Magazine design
5. Content of all docs
6.Updating social Media (Website, Tweeter, Facebook)
7. Printing flyers, posters
8. Branding

Branding on walls, leaflets & merchandise. External façade install banners with key words Hive is about

Coordinator: Gee

  • Azja (3)
  • Lisa (1,4)
  • Fleur (2,6)
  • Ben (8)
  • Spiro, Renata, Brian

Weekly meeting time & date

Building & maintenance

(M & E & PH)

1. Mechanical
2. Electrical
3. Public health
4. General maintenance

Coordinator: Ivan - carpentry, plumbing, electrics

SUb Coordinator: Rashid-painter /decorator /carpentry

Members: Lisa-carpentry/painting, Carlos-construction experience -carpentry and interested in plumbing, Spiro, Ned-plumbing-electrics, Kuba- construction- level 2 sports coach, Gee-construction + Van, Kali with Van, Paul - Carpentry, Ian (occasionally for electrical)

Lacking: Plumber

Weekly meeting time & date

Cleaning-space preparation

  • Central cleaning
  • Tidying tools & materials

Checklist outstanding i.e.. toilet rolls at all times in WCs

Coordinator: Kuba

Members: Martha, Ned, Lisa, Spiro

Weekly meeting time & date?

Kitchen & Café

  • Prepare Coffee-Tea etc
  • Prepare daily Dinner for the team
  • Prepare food at events

  • Fill out kitchen rota
  • Manage supplies
  • Acquire supplies from Cash & Carry
  • Keep kitchen accounts

  • Preparing crew meal is responsibility of this group
  • Building and operating the café

Coordinator: Ivan

Sub Coordinator: Marta

Main members: Carlos, Marta, Ned, Kali, Brian, Ben

Weekly meeting time & date?

Hive Exchange

The Hive-Dalston Exchange Trading Network is a group of local currency enthusiasts keen on bringing the 'Hive Pound' to life initially to be exchanged amongst the Hive members and followers and eventually also by its visitors, local businesses and the Dalston community. The 'Hive Pound' will be an opportunity for everyone's work at the Hive and outside it amongst members to be acknowledged and further efforts to expand this mindset encouraged through exchanging 'favours' indirectly amongst each other initially and gradually amongst members of the whole community in a more relaxing and forgiving manor than the monetary system

1. Accounting
2. 'Wants' & 'Needs' of the members
3. Networking

Coordinator: Les

Main members: Carlos, Helen, Lisa, Spiro, Kali

Play2Learn (Children care)

  • Self-directed and multi aged learning
  • Coordination of Hive family events

  • Engage with local community especially low income & elderly
  • Children always accompanied by an adult relative
  • Further research on CRB checks & other relevant legislation

Coordinator: Renata

Main members: -

Hive Permaculture

Sustainable utilisation of urban spaces.

Sustainability features:
- Enhancing site ecology based on locally appropriate native species or non native with a known attraction benefit to local wildlife.
(Planting may include planter boxes, sedum roofs, green walls.)
- Adoption of horticultural good practice e.g. no or low use of residual pesticides.
- Installation of bird, bat and insect boxes at appropriate locations on the site.
- Integration, design and maintenance of sustainable drainage systems (SUDs) such as rain gardens, green roofs, green walls.
- Raising awareness on growing food and past experience from local transition communities.
- Engaging with local community including:
+local businesses, retired citizens, children, miss-oriented youth and encourage their involvement in converting conventional home gardens and council spaces to food gardens.
- Investigate the implementation of local currencies for the Hive

1. Planting
2. Waste
3. Renewable energy
4. Rainwater harvesting
5. Reach out to local community gardens
6. Reach out to garden centres for plants & skills

Coordinator: Les

Main members: Spiro, Anghelos, Alistair, Azja

Public Relations & Networking

Engage & collaborate with:

  • Local businesses
  • City council
  • Universities (potential research i.e. on community groups)
  • The public (via organising brainstorming events, leaflets, posters, door knocking etc)
  • Transition movements & other existing networks

1. Receive further technical expertise
2. Further funding and support
3. Receive 'know' how in various areas
4. Create Media e-mail list
5. Create networking leaflet asap

Coordinator: Phoenix

Members: Azja, Hellen, Renata, Spiro, Fleur, Gee, Shoshana, Orion, Ben

Get on the map via involvement with first Thursday Gallery arts concept

Weekly meeting time & date?

Holistic Regeneration-Search for new free spaces in London

1. Mapping of potential free space around Hackney and surrounding Boroughs
2. Network further with similar minded groups
3. Negotiate terms with potential landlords

  • Press release - basic info
  • Create landlord intro letter & presentation pack including list of benefits i.e. free security, 40% off tax

  • Database of potential buildings and progress and next actions for each building under investigation
  • Preparation of 23-25th Oct conference

Coordinator: Gee

Members: Fleur, Natasha from 27th event, Carlos, Spiro, Phoenix

Feeding the homeless

Hope Family is an external group consisting of locals offering a helping hand to the homeless of their district.

  • Always ask prior to sitting next to a homeless person showing you respect his personal space.
  • Be always quick with your dealings as we need to be constantly on the move
  • (otherwise we risk being fined some serious amount by the council cleaners for littering... yeah tragic).
  • Spare a moment to the homeless only if spoken to.
  • Suggest to the homeless to register with the Brick Lane Health Centre (an existing night shelter for October exists)
  • (Homeless Medical Centre, 9-11 Brick Lane, London, E1 6PU; Tel: 020 7247 0090) Not sure if Brian was referring to this location-pls check


  • a quick meal
  • some Coffee /Tea
  • a pat on the back
  • information on local shelters
  • if asked happy to lend an ear to homeless peoples' stories and immediate needs.

association of the Hive with this group after recording its achievements on people fed down the line is a win-win for all involved.

Coordinator: Brian

Members: Renata, Rachid, Spiro, Helen, Gee, Azja, Kali, Giannis, Kuba, Marta

Skateboarding - BMX

Raising awareness on skateboarding & BMX via events, induction sessions to youngsters, and lending equipment to youngsters from the local community

  • Prepare structures which may be incorporated with the standard setup of the 2nd Floor i.e. to be used for graffiti artists and others to install their arts
  • Prepare mobile structures to be stored and reused on future events
  • Setup a facebook and meetup web page

Associating the Hive with the local skateboarding - BMX community and create our own sub community

Coordinator: Spiro

Members: Renata, Steve, Giannis, Pete, Valentina, Fleur